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Woman Wants To Have The Custody Of Her Child After Beating The Hell Out Of Child’s Father

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For a change a man has been assaulted by a woman, a man was severely assaulted by his ex-girlfriend and has claimed the custody of their child. The story was published in the Facebook page ‘The Fathers’ Rights Movement’ released the story of this man named Steffen.

The post began: “Last week, my friend was savagely beaten in front of my eyes by his ex girlfriend. Now he’s looking at the possibility of having to return their daughter.”

The father was initially attacked by Mina in the apartment over a minor argument that began about “having a friend over too late.” According to the post, it was not the first time that it happened.

A person who posted this narrated: “With every headbutt I watched his face get more bloody and disfigured.” He said that he went to the  and locked the door as he called. He claimed that he was “so freaked out” that he wrongly dialed the emergency number twice.

When he came out he was with his daughter Mina, but the ex-girlfriend disappeared from the scene after she realized he was calling 911. She left behind her shoes and purse inside.

Steffen didn’t press any charges against the girl as he still loved her and didn’t want her to go to jail.

The post continued: “Last year he dropped the charges on a felonious assault against her. He sounded the same as a battered woman. Brainwashed. Scared. Blaming himself.”

Steffen suffered from a black eye, ruptured blood vessels and a broken nose and seven stiches in his ear. It was not all, he also had a concussion.

The ex-girlfriend’s mother have made bond and filed for an to their own infant daughter. His friend said: “Male victims are not taken seriously. The majority of people are siding with the mother and victim blaming. He’s afraid for his daughter. The courts favor mothers and he needs legal help.”

This case proves that even men are harassed physically and mentally, contrary to the belief that only women and children suffer from abuse.