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President Trump tells Philippine president location of 2 US nuclear bombs

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Two nuclear submarines have been sent to waters off the Korean peninsula U.S. President Donald Trump told his Philippine counterpart that Washington has sent, the New York Times reported.

Trump has said “a major, major conflict” with North Korea is possible because of its nuclear and missile programs and that all options are on the table but that he wants to resolve the crisis diplomatically.

North Korea has been on the radar lately as it seem s to suggest nuclear war and a possible world war III in the making after it vowed to develop a missile mounted with a nuclear warhead. The country claims that it will be used to strike the mainland United States, saying the program is necessary to counter U.S. aggression.

Trump told Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Washington had “a lot of firepower over there,” according to the New York Times, which quoted a transcript of an April 29 call between the two.

“We have two submarines — the best in the world. We have two nuclear submarines, not that we want to use them at all,” the newspaper quoted Trump as telling Duterte, based on the transcript.

The report was based on a Philippine transcript of the call that was circulated on Tuesday under a “confidential” cover sheet by the Americas division of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.

In a show of force, the United States has sent the nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to waters off the Korean peninsula, where it joined the USS Michigan, a nuclear submarine that docked in South Korea in late April.

According to the Times, a senior Trump administration official in Washington, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the call and insisted on anonymity, confirmed the transcript was an accurate representation of the call between the two leaders.

Meanwhile, Trump also praised Duterte for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem,” the New York Times reported, a subject that has drawn much criticism in the West.

So far almost 9,000 people, many small-time users and dealers, have been killed in the Philippines since Duterte took office on June 30. But police say about one-third of the victims were shot by officers in self-defense during legitimate operations.