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This Young Boy Went Inside An Empty House Until He Realized That He Was Abandoned!

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A Young Boy Was Abandoned By His Loved Ones

Xiao Rong is a 4-year-old boy who lived in Zheijiang, China with his father studied in a local kindergarten.

His father would pick him up every day, without missing even one day. However, one day he couldn’t pick him up that day. Little did Xiao Rong know that it would be the last day he saw his father.

That day, Xiao Rong, like every day expected his father to pick him up but he did not show up. The young boy waited but had no luck, then he started crying.

Looi, Xiao Rong’s teacher tried calling his father but couldn’t reach him as his phone was switched off.

The teachers decided to bring Xiao Rong to his home, but they were shocked when it was already locked from the outside and no one was at home.

“My father has gone back to Hui Zhou,” Xiao Rong calmly told his teachers as if he accepted the fact that he had left him alone. However, his teachers filed a police report explaining what happened to the kid. In the meantime, they took Xiao Rong in.

The teachers contacted Xiao Rong’s parents but the mother did not want to go back, and his father didn’t want to take care of him if his mother doesn’t come home. They even promised to go to the police station to solve the problem, but none of them showed up.

It’s just sad for a young boy to go back home and realize his loved ones have abandoned him.