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Al Hazm Likely To Have A Full Fledged Opening By Year-End

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Al Hazm, the ultra -luxury property that offers a high end shopping experience is expected to be fully operational by the year end.  “There will be about 120 outlets in the facility,” Mohamed A K al-Emadi, CEO, Al Hazm, told.

“ We want to open the outlets on a monthly basis. We have already opened food and beverage outlets including some leading restaurants. We will have several outlets offering some of the best products in the world in different categories,” explained al-Emadi.

“This is one of the best quality projects in the whole Middle East.The total built up area of the project is 120,000sqm. We have used marble from Italy and stones from Palestine in every part of the building,” explained the official.

As for the Italian inspired architecture of the building, al-Emdai said, “We want something to be remembered for a long time to come. We wanted a classic design and wanted it to remain for hundreds of years to come as we can see in the architecture of many of the buildings in Rome. This is also a small gift for our beloved country as the country has done a lot for us.”

The project took around 8 years to complete and more than 700 workers have contributed to it for almost five years. All the marbles and stones were carved in Doha by skilled workers from Al Emadi construction team.

Pasquale Salzano, the Italian ambassador said while speaking at the national day celebration, that Al Hazm represents what Italy can offer; ‘excellence in design and architecture, beauty of the materials and magnificence of the artwork.’

“60,000 tonnes of Italian marble from Carrara, 7,500 tonnes of “Giallo di Siena” gemstones, 45,000 tonnes of “Travertino” limestone, all of them coming from Italy: Al Hazm certainly is one of the most ambitious projects in Qatar,” said Salzano.

“It shows the outstanding results which can be achieved by the visionary leadership of Qatar. Commitment to excellence, coupled with the willingness to attract the most skilled workforce, is showing how Qatar is ready to undertake major projects on the international scale. The strength of this dedication is visible in the pace of changes underway in Qatar, a true “urban renaissance”, added Salzano