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Bizarre Love Story Of A 73-Year-Old Grandma And A 32-Year-Old Man Who Eventually Got Married

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This is a story which proves love is indeed blind. A 73-years-old grandma Lydia Montalbo hit it off with a man who is 41 years younger to her. Surprisingly, Ferdinand dela Cruz also got connected with the woman and fell in love.

He met her when his uncle requested him to take care of the latter’s mother in law who happened to be Lydia. She has a cataract in her eyes and hence cannot see clearly. The condition needs someone to take care of her constantly.

They fell in love and their families too accepted their relationship. She has been a widow for 18 years before she got married again on May 11, 2017 to Ferdinand.

She says that she fell in love as he was very caring and preserving. She also said that she is not rich and therefore he could not have married her for money. The two have promised to love each other always.

She has also given Ferdinand permission to marry another woman after she passes away. Let us hope they both live to the fullest and remain the same all their life.