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Couple Wanted Their Third Child To Be A Girl And When They Went To A Hospital Something Shocking Was In Store

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Angie and her husband, Gino had two sons and when Angie became pregnant for the third time, the couple wanted it to be a girl. They visited a doctor for a check-up and it turned out that the couple were having not one, but three daughters.

However, they had a warning too as two of the foetuses shared a placenta and the doctors cautioned that these two babies might have underdeveloped lungs and brain haemorrhaging.

But, the parents were confident and hoped that the delivery would have no issues and complications. As days passed doctors found that the two babies wasn’t getting the required amount of fluid.

Doctors asked Angie to stay in hospital until she gave birth when she was 27 weeks so that they could monitor the situation regularly.

“Anything could happen between now and my due date,” said Angie in an interview. Angie couldn’t believe what followed.

Watch the video to know what happened: