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Courageous Woman Saves Her 11 YO Niece By Shielding Her But It Costed Her Own Life During The Manchester Attack

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Kelly Brewster, 32 took her 11-year-old niece, Hollie Booth to Ariana Grande’s concert on the devastating day. She was accompanied by her sister, Claire.

During the attack tried to protect her niece and covered her but ended up giving up her own life in the process. Hollie’s heartbroken grandmother, Tracy Booth, 54 said:  ‘I’m devastated about Kelly’s death. She was a hero. I would not have my granddaughter if it was not for her.’

Kelly Brewster, 32, has not been seen since she went to the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena with her sister and niece


















Ms Booth explained the family had been rocked by Ms Brewster’s sudden death.

She said: ‘It is such a shame to lose Kelly because I would have liked to have thanked her.

Missing: Kelly Brewster, 32, from Sheffield

‘But if she had lived I would have been unable to repay her for what she has done.

‘I will be indebted to her for the rest of my life.’

The attack had killed 22 and left more than hundred injured. Salman Abedi, a Mancunian of Libyan descent, had since been declared as the terrorist behind the attack.

Hollie’s uncle Shane Booth added: ‘My niece, I love her.

‘And we’ve lost Kelly. It awful. I can’t understand it all. I am now scared to go anywhere.

‘They say that you should get on with your life,that it probably wouldn’t happen to you.

‘Well it has happened to us. What do you say to that?

‘I’m worried it will be Sheffield next. I’m not going to go to any big crowded places.’

Just few days back Ms Brewster had put a deposit down on a house and was looking forward to the future, said her boyfriend, Ian Winslow.

Ms Brewster (pictured) was said to have ‘shielded’ her young niece when the bomb was set off

John Brewster, 62, father of Ian, said: ‘Kelly was a lovely lass. When I think of her now, all I remember is her smile.

‘She used to come round to our house all the time, for Christmas and everything. Ian’s seven-year-old daughter absolutely idolised her.

‘Kelly really took her under her wing, she was like a big sister. They went for holidays in London together.’

The couple had decided to move in together and were eagerly looking forward to it. Ian is ‘absolutely distraught,’ Mr Winslow added.

He was up all night desperately searching for news of Kelly, alongside her parents and colleagues from his small financial services company in Manchester.