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Hero Doctor Creates Nebulizer Using Plastic Bottle For A Toddler On Flight

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What will you do if you are thousands of feet above in the air and you see a child suffering from an asthma attack? Without any medications, helping the child is almost impossible.

However, this doctor created a nebulizer using plastic bottles.

Khurshid Guru was on an Air Canada flight from Spain to the US. He had started a medical conference in Spain, after which he returned home. The incident took place while returning back. They were four hours into a seven-hour flight, when he heard the toddler was suffering from an asthma attack without any access to medication. The parents packed the medicine in their check in baggage. Since the doctor didn’t usually handle young patients, he didn’t hesitate to help.

Dr. Guru created a makeshift nebulizer using only an oxygen tank, a plastic bottle and cup, some electrical tape, and the adult inhaler.

The plane had an asthma inhaler for adults only, so Dr. Guru was forced to make a nebulizer using an oxygen tank, a plastic bottle and cup, and electrical tape.

He hooked up the inhaler and the oxygen tank to the plastic bottle so the child could inhale both simultaneously.

In less than an hour, the child started showing signs of improvement.

All thanks to the hero doctor.