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Fire Safety Norms Released By Civil Defense

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The General Directorate of Civil Defense released some safety tips for public relating to fire safety during the summer. The initiative aims to spread awareness and prevent fire accidents.

Make sure the gas cylinder is turned off before leaving the office along with all the electrical devices. Also, close the doors and windows and open few sources of ventilation to protect the walls from cracking.

Have a regular check-up of equipment and devices at home like gas cylinders, electrical wires, air conditioners among other things. Keep the gas cylinder out of reach from sun light. In case you observe gas odour, open the windows immediately and avoid using matchstick near the cylinder, and don’t switch on the lights as it may serve as a point of ignition.

When a fire breaks out in the oil pan, please avoid pouring water into the pan as it ignites the fire and cover the burning pan by placing the nearest thick lid on the pan or cover it with fire blanket. When a fire breaks out in the trash bin, please cover the burning trash bin immediately with a damp cloth in order to prevent oxygen from igniting the fire.

Avoid wearing flowing and nylon mixed wears in kitchen and maintain cleanliness of the exhaust fans. Never place inflammable items in the kitchen.

Make sure there are enough firefighting equipment and safety in commercial and industrial establishments. Maintain proper storage rules and remove wastes regularly, also keep the corridor free for easy movements in case of an emergency.

Check your vehicles regularly and overload the fuel tank, take a pause after driving for a long distance. Avoid smoking while driving and switch off the mobile. Always have your address and number for emergencies.

When a fire breaks out, keep away from the source of heat and fire and evacuate the place immediately and call the emergency number “999”.

Connect with early warning and automatic fire extinguisher systems for the buildings, namely smoke, heat and gas detectors. Don’t use too many electrical devices at once on a single transformer and stop using low quality electrical tools.