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BEWARE: New Drug Known As ‘Flakka’ Turns User Into A Terrifying Zombie-Like Monster And These Are The Evidence!

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“Flakka” Drug Turns User Into A Terrifying Zombie – Beware!

Continuous usage of illegal drugs will damage one mentally and physically. Sadly, drug manufacturers are creating new synthetic drugs to introduce in the market.

These new drugs have surprising effects on the human brain. Believe it or not, they can even turn you into zombies.

A new drug called “Flakka drug” is a synthetic drug that has shocked the whole world with its terrifying effects on humans that make them act like zombies. It came from the word ‘Flocka’ meaning gravel and signified stone and wings.

In 2014, this drug was reported to have the following effects: bizarre behavior, agitation, paranoia, and delusions of superhuman strength.

Among of the many reported cases that involve this drug includes, an agitated man running naked through traffic, a delusional drug addict who attempted to perform an intimate act on a tree and then resisted arrest, and a paranoid man trying to break into a police station to seek safety.

Yes, it is true.

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