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German Woman Chops Lover’s Head With A Circular Saw During Kinky $ex Session

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You might have never heard of such strange fetishes. Sometimes people go to the very extremes!

Gabriele P ended up murdering her lover while having kinky s*x.

Gabriele P was charged for manslaughter after cutting her lover’s head with a circular saw.

The reports said that she tied him up in bed, made him wear black-out diving goggles, before chopping his head with a circular saw.

We’re sure he didn’t see it coming.

This German woman was then arrested for murder.

Things took a horrific turn when Gabriele reached for the circular saw and killed Alex by slicing his head off.

Her lover, Alexander H was killed in 2008 in a house where they lived together. He wore diving goggles, which were covered up with a tape during their kinky session. He even went as far as asking to be tied up.

However, things took a horrifying turn when Gabriele reached for a circular saw and killed Alex by slicing his head.

“The relationship ended in a bloodbath,” said the prosecutors.

The murder came to light in 2016, when an acquaintance of the suspect heard about the incident and alerted the police.

Gabriele took a few months to find a new lover, Christian K, and with his help she cut Alex’s body parts with the same saw she used to murder him. The parts were wrapped in a plastic bag and buried in the garden of the house.

Gabriele spoke to his mother and said that he went off to Romania with another girl.

Gabriele even talked with the victim’s mother saying he had “gone off to Romania with another girl.”

Gabriele’s new partner however exposed the entire act after a drinking party to friends, who later reported it to the police.

Christian K has been imprisoned for 2 years and 8 months for taking part in crime. Apparently, he did it out of love for Gabriele.

Prosecutors sentenced her 12 years in jail.

“The relationship was very difficult. My client could not see any way out,” said Gabriele’s lawyer during the trial.

Do you think that’s enough?