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High Profile Hacker Who Hacked NASA Reveals A Shocking Secret

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You just can’t keep NASA away from news and rumours as there will be something that will be popping up. The latest news comes from a NASA hacker who has claimed that US has war ships in space.

Gary McKinnon is a high profile hacker who has broken this news about US Navy’s intergalactic adventures. Gary is a British UFO fanatic and a computer expert who was arrested for hacking the US Navy and NASA systems in 2002, it was dubbed as the biggest military computer hack of all time.

A program named Landsearch was used to scan the documents and files to look for UFO cover-ups and he surprisingly did so for two years. He then had a 10-year legal battle in the UK and just escaped extradition to the USA.

Here are his claims:

  • In Building 8 at Johnson Space Center, there is someone whose job is only to airbrush UFOs from images, since they are so commonly captured.
  • He found a US Navy spreadsheet entitled ‘Non-terrestrial officers’. McKinnon admits these words “can be interpreted in various ways,”but one thing is for sure: given the name, we know they’re not based on Earth.
  • McKinnon says there were maybe 25 rows on the excel spreadsheet with officers’ ranks and names, and that the ships had the prefix ‘USS’, just like American sea vessels.
  • He claims of evidence of “material transfer between ships”,of which he guesses there are “possibly eight to ten.”
  • McKinnon says all of this points to evidence that the USA has war ships in space, which might account for why the Bush administration were so keen to have him incarcerated in the States.

Watch the video to know more: