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ISIS Massacred Young Girls From The Age 8 To 14 In A Bomb Blast At Manchester Arena

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What kind of sick pleasure did they get by killing innocent little lives?

Schoolgirls aged 14 to 15 are among the victims of the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande concert, who slaughtered children and one among them was an 8-year-old.

Murdered: Schoolgirl Sorrel Leczkowski, 14, has been named as a victim of the Manchester terror attack on Monday night

Fourteen-year-olds, Sorrel Leczkowski and Nell Jones, who were watching the US singer on crutches, were both murdered in cold blood when 22-year-old terrorist Salman Abedi detonated an explosive packed with nuts and bolts at the Manchester Arena.

Fourteen-year-old Nell Jones, who was watching the US singer Ariana Grande on crutches, also died in the suicide bomb blast

Manchester terror victim Georgina Callander, who turned 18 last month, is pictured with Ariana Grande two years ago

A police officer, who was off duty is also one of the victims along with a Coronation Street superfan, an ex-footballer’s wife, a Polish couple whose two daughters have now been orphaned and the youngest victim named so far, eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos.

The families of teenage sweethearts Liam Curry, 19, and Chloe Rutherford, 17, confirmed they had also been killed in Monday’s blast.

Sorrell passed away with her mother and grandmother at her side in hospital, while 15-year-old Olivia Campbell, sixth from Georgina Callander and schoolgirl Megan Hurley had earlier been named among the victims. It brings the total number named to 15.

A total of 22 people were killed and 119 injured in what was the worst terrorist massacre on British soil since the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.

Olivia Campbell, 15, (pictured left) and the youngest victim named so far Saffie Rose Roussos (right), eight, were both killed

Alex Klis, 20, and her sibling Patrycia had been at the concert and were due to be picked up by their parents Angelika, 39, and 42-year-old Marcin. But instead they were forced to search in vain for the pair as thousands of youngsters were fleeing for their lives.

A friend of the Klis family said today: ‘It’s just so sad – these girls are now orphans. It is now down to Alex to look after her sister. They are just crying and crying, we’re all sad – we’ve almost run out of tears now.’

The wife of ex Hartlepool United, Blackpool and Wrexham footballer Mark Taylor – Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 50 – and Blackburn mother Michelle Kiss were also killed in the bomb blast.

John Atkinson has been remembered as an ‘amazing young man’ by friends following his death in last night’s explosion, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for

Mrs Tweddle-Taylor, a school receptionist, enjoyed dinner with a friend before heading to the concert to pick up her friend’s children. She worked at South Shore Academy in Blackpool, Lancashire.

While her friend and the children who attended the pop concert survived the blast, Mrs Tweddle-Taylor, of Blackpool, is reported missing.

Charlotte Campbell appeared on TV yesterday appealing for information, but tragically confirmed early this morning that Olivia had died in the suicide attack in Manchester

Speaking through tears, her husband paid tribute to a ‘lovely lady and a good mother’ who was ‘full of life’.

Mr Taylor, a football performance director for Sunderland FC, told the BBC: ‘She was liked by everybody, especially in the community in Blackpool where she worked.

‘All the schoolchildren and colleagues are reaching out to us with their condolences.

‘She was full of life and energy with the children, going to functions and all sorts of different things, and skiing. All those happy times.

‘She had actually travelled with one of her friends to drop her children off at the concert.

‘Her and her friend were just having some food, waiting for the concert to finish and had obviously gone back to pick them up.

‘They were both waiting in the area when the explosion happened and unfortunately Jane didn’t come back.’

Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford had been missing since Monday’s explosion, and their families confirmed early this morning that they were among the dead

Ms Campbell, who yesterday appealed on TV for information about Olivia, wrote: ‘RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell, taken far far too soon go sing with the angels and keep smiling mummy loves you so much.’

The youngest victim, eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, whose mother Lisa is in intensive care. A family friend said Lisa, 48, did not know her daughter had died.

‘True gentleman’ John Atkinson, 26, also died in the atrocity, along with 32-year-old Kelly Brewster, who protected her niece from the blast.

Marcin Klis (pictured left) and his wife Angelika were confirmed dead this morning. The couple had gone to pick up their children from the concert when they were killed

And a fundraising page has been set up in memory of schoolgirl Megan Hurley, stating she was taken ‘far too early’. It has already raised more than £3,000. Her brother Bradley was seriously injured.

Hours before she was due to attend the concert, Ms Kiss posted on Facebook a photograph of two young girls, one thought to be her daughter, excited for the show. She wrote: ‘Excited girlies ready to watch Ariana.’

Georgina Callander, 18: The sixth form student, from Chorley, Lancashire, was the first victim of the atrocity to be named.

Two sisters are now orphans after their parents Angelika and Marcin Klis (left) were named as victims of the Manchester suicide bomber. Alex Klis, 20, (pictured right) was at the Ariana Grande concert with her 12-year-old sister Patrycia

An Ariana Grande superfan, she posted a picture of herself with the US singer at the Manchester Arena two years ago, captioning it: ‘My meet and greet photos came through, she was so cute and lovely.

‘I hugged her so tight and she said she loved my bow. I can’t get over this, I never will.’

In a follow up message after meeting Ariana Grande backstage on June 4, 2015, Georgina wrote: ‘After 6 years of waiting I finally got to meet and see my love. I am so happy right now. Hands down the best concert of my life.’

On Sunday the teenager tweeted the pop star, writing: ‘SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU TOMORROW.’

Hours before she was due to attend the concert, Michelle Kiss (pictured) posted on Facebook a photograph of two young girls, one thought to be her daughter, excited for the show. She is believed to have been killed in the terror attack

The college, which confirmed her death, spoke of its ‘enormous sadness’, saying: ‘Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to all of Georgina’s family, friends, and all of those affected by this loss.’

Megan Hurley, 15, the schoolgirl, from Halewood, Liverpool, was killed in the terror attack and a fundraising page has been set up in her memory.

Tearful Leslie Callander, mother of victim Georgina, 18, laid a yellow flower down in memory of her daughter at a vigil in the village of Tarleton, Lancashire, also home to victim Saffie Roussos, eight

Martyn Hett, 29, The Coronation Street superfan, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, is believed to have been at the Ariana Grande concert with his friend Stuart Aspinall when the pair became separated.

His close friend Russell Hayward wrote on Twitter: ‘We got the news last night that our wonderful iconic and beautiful Martyn didn’t survive.

Mr Hett – and his mother – also hit the headlines last year when he told his Twitter followers of his devastation that his mother had set up a stall at a craft fair, only to not sell a thing. His friends paid tribute to him today

‘He left this world exactly how he lived, centre of attention.’

Marcin Klis, 42 and Angelika Klis, 39, this couple from York had to pick up their children Alex Klis, 20, and 12-year-old Patrycia. The couple were in a Manchester restaurant as their daughters attended the gig and posed happily for a selfie as they made their way back to the venue.

This is just too sad, we hope and pray that nothing like ever happens to anybody.

The wife of former Hartlepool United, Blackpool and Wrexham footballer Mark Taylor – Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 50 – also died

Another victim, Martyn Hett, from Stockport, was due to fly to America for a two-month holiday. Family and friends revealed that he had spent the last few days saying goodbye to friends

PR manager Mr Hett is believed to have been at the concert with his friend Stuart Aspinall when the pair became separated
Mr Hett (pictured with his Deirdre Barlow tattoo), from Stockport, was due to fly to America for a two-month holiday today

Georgina Callander, who met singer Ariana Grande at the music venue two years ago, was the first victim to be named
On Sunday the 18-year-old health and social care student tweeted her idol, writing: ‘SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU TOMORROW’

Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford were both killed in the explosion at the Manchester Arena on Monday night
Saffie Rose Roussos, 8, is the youngest known victim of last night’s atrocity. Her mother, Lisa, was criticially injured and neighbours say she does know her daughter had died
Kelly Brewster died as a result of her injuries, her family has confirmed. She had been missing since the atrocity on Monday
Kelly Brewster, from Sheffield, had been looking forward to a ‘bright future’ with boyfriend Ian Winslow (pictured together)
She had put a deposit on a house with her 36-year-old Ian
Mothers Lisa Lees (left) and Alison Howe (right) were killed in the suicide bombing on Monday night outside the Manchester Arena in Manchester as they waited for their children
Olivia Campbell, who twice entered Britain’s Got Talent, was at the show with friend Adam Lawler, who was seriously injured
Olivia Campbell’s distraught mother confirmed the 15-year-old (pictured) had died as a result of the blast on Monday night
Olivia’s father, grandparents and others undertook a desperate search around Manchester hospitals as her mother Charlotte, 36, waited anxiously for news at home in Bury. Tragically she was later confirmed dead
Tragic: Alex Klis (pictured) and her sibling Patrycia had been at the concert and were due to be picked up by their parents
Coronation Street superfan Martyn Hett (pictured left), from Stockport, was named as one of the victims of the terror attack
The PR manager (centre) was due to fly to the US for a lengthy holiday and spent the last week saying goodbye to his friends
Michelle Kiss (left) was confirmed to have died this morning by family members. Right, her daughter Millie is seen being comforted by officers
The mother-of-three (pictured), from Lancashire, was taken away in the ‘most traumatic way imaginable’, her family said as they vowed to ‘draw from the courage and strength she showed in her life’
Jane Tweddle-Taylor, from Blackpool, was killed in the attack after heading to the arena to pick up her friend’s children

Nell Jones, 14, died while attending the concert with friends

Teenage victim Sorrell Leczkowski, from Adel in Leeds, is reported to have been a pupil at Allerton High School