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Nanny Who Slapped And Physically Abused A Kid Gets An Epic Karma Reply

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Most of the working couples depend on nannies to take care of their children and hope they will take the best care. But, this case might shock all couples who are dependent on nannies.

Nadia Shapoval, a 54-year-old nanny was appointed by a couple to take care of their son, but very soon they realized that there was something wrong as they noticed bruises on their son’s body. Then they installed hidden cameras to know what was happening behind their back.

The video footage showed something horrifying and the parents were stunned to see their son being physically abused and tortured by the nanny. Since they had some issues with the nanny she was fired before even before the video seen.

However, they did not let her get away and brought it to the notice of police. She was tracked down by the police at Marmaris, in south-western Turkey while she was walking alone on the streets. Though, she pleaded and cried in front of the couple to forgive her, the parents were in no mood to drop the issue.

She was then taken to the custody at Sehit Nedip Eker police station where she apparently refused to talk to officers. Police officers the who took her in refused to disclose details on the case. However, they said that she will be brought before the court.

Watch the video below: