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15-year-old Olivia Campbell’s Mother Breaks Down During Wake After Manchester Attack

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The devastated mother of 15-year-old aspiring pop star Olivia Campbell, who was killed in the attack, broke down during a vigil

People around the country joined together in the wake of 22 people who were lost to a terrorist attack and the injured 119.

A devastated mother lost her cool and broke down during the vigil. Her daughter, Olivia Campbell, an aspiring pop star was killed in the attack.

A minute’s silence was observed at 11am on Thursday in remembrance of the victims, while flags will remain at half-mast on government buildings until the evening of May 25, said a statement released jointly by 10 Downing Street, the Foreign Office and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

There was also a minute’s silence before the Europa League final game in Stockholm, and both the team wore black armbands as respect.

Olivia Campbell’s mother Charlotte Campbell (pictured right during a vigil), posted on Facebook: ‘RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell taken far far too soon, go sing with the angels and keep smiling, mummy loves you so much’

A Muslim Imam and a 93-year-old Jewish woman were also among those who prayed together in a touching moment of unity.

Elderly Renee Black and Imam Sadiq Patel, who are the members of Blackburn Interfaith Forum, laid flowers and reflected on the lives of those lost when they visited a memorial in Albert Square, Manchester, today.

Salman Abedi, a Mancunian of Libyan descent, had since been revealed as the terrorist behind the attack at the Ariana Grande concert.

The family of 15-year-old Olivia Campbell were heartbroken to hear that their ‘funny and beautiful girl’, who had hopes of becoming a pop star herself, was among the dead.

Next to a photo of her daughter, Olivia’s mother Charlotte Campbell posted on Facebook: ‘RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell taken far far too soon, go sing with the angels and keep smiling, mummy loves you so much.’

High School pupil Olivia, who dreamed of becoming a music teacher, was named as one of the victims following a desperate appeal to find her. Her stepfather Paul Hodgson comforted her mother Charlotte during a vigil outside Bury Town Hall

The teenager’s step father Paul Hodgson comforted her during the vigil.

Ms Black told Channel 5 News: ‘We came to pay our respect to the people who passed away and to hope that they never have anything like this again.’

Renee Black and Imam Sadiq Patel shared a prayer in Albert Square, Manchester, in memory of the 22 killed at the Ariana Grande concert

Mr Patel said: ‘We don’t know what to say, no words can actually express what we’re going through.

‘But one thing we do definitely know is, we’re in this together and we’ll get through this together.

Mr Sadiq and Ms Black prayed together as they remembered those murdered in the Manchester concert attack

‘We’ve come from Blackburn. We had to come here.

‘Renee’s 93, a Jewish lady. I’m a Muslim man. But at this moment in time faith doesn’t mean anything. We’re in this together we’ll get through this together.’

A sea of floral tributes lie in Albert Square as people commemorate the lives of those lost at the concert

Ms Black added: ‘We’ll try to get through this together and not matter about the colour or creed or whatever you are, we’re all the same people and we bleed like everybody else.’

A minute’s silence took place at 11am on Thursday across the country, which marks the nation’s solidarity with those who were injured in the blast as well as others affected by the destruction.

There was also a minute’s silence before the Europa League final game in Stockholm this evening, as fans displayed banners showing solidarity with the victims and their families

The silence was followed by the recommencement of local campaigning by most political parties, with the General Election contest restarting in full on Friday.

One flag, hung outside a bar in the city center filled with United fans, displayed the words: ‘United against terrorism. Lest we forget 22.05.17’ – the date of Monday’s suicide bombing.

Supporters were in a reflective mood after the outrage in Manchester, with many saying their team’s performance ‘didn’t matter so much’ anymore.

Vigils have been held across the country, including St Ann’s Square in Manchester (pictured), as people try to come to terms with Monday night’s atrocity

Former Manchester United striker Brian McClair told Sky News: ‘I can picture exactly where it was. It is just dreadful, terrible.’

Even the Queen held a minute’s silence at Buckingham Palace to remember those killed and injured on Monday evening.

She stood with her husband Prince Philip by her side as she led the thousands of guests at her Buckingham Palace garden party in the tribute.

The national anthem rang out across the lawns at the end of the poignant moment of silence.

In an unusually strongly-worded message, released by Buckingham Palace, the monarch talked of the country’s shock at the loss of life among families who had ‘just been enjoying a concert’.

The monarch expressed her ‘shock’ at the deadly attack that killed or injured dozens ‘adults and children who had just been enjoying a concert’.