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Poor Old Woman Living In A Small Hut By Herself – Very Sad!

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Nanay Trinidad is an old woman, who lives all by herself in a small hut. Her hut is not even like a usual hut, it’s a nipa hut that has a wide opening and a roof to protect her from heat and rain. It has no windows or doors.

This woman is poor and has absolutely no money to look after herself.

Nanay Trinidad has two daughters, Babelonia and Jocelyn. She had two grandchildren called Leah and Vincent Ojoylan.

Sadly, the woman knows nothing about any of family members.

Here is what Philippines Factor put in the caption:



Heart breaking story of an old woman from Cagay 2 Brgy. Buenavista, Escalante City, Negros Occidental…. living in a small “bahay kubo”. Help her.

Trinidad po ang kanyang pangalan niya, may dalawang anak daw po siya na nagngangalang Bebelonia at Jocelyn… May dalawang apo na sina Leah at Vincent Ojoylan pero wala daw po siyang balita kung nasaan na ang mga ito..

Sana po’y matulungan natin siya.

– Elay Zha Rich

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