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Pregnant Woman Avoids Going For A Check-up For 41 Weeks As She Didn’t Trust Doctors, But When She Finally Does She Had Some Shocking News

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A thirty one year old woman who was pregnant and was expecting a baby soon in Russia never trusted the doctors and wanted to go the conventional way.

She didn’t even go for a regular check-up for 41 weeks but when she did not feel any contractions post 41 weeks, she finally went for a check up to make sure the baby was fine. After a thorough examination it was found out that the baby was not growing in the mother’s womb, but in the abdominal cavity.

It is a rare condition called ectopic pregnancy where the embryo or fetus develops outside the uterus in the abdomen and the success rate of these pregnancies is very low. The doctors immediately prepared for a surgery in spite of the condition being critical.

Only a dozen cases are known worldwide in which the child was born healthy. To safely deliver the baby there was no other option other than to perform a C-section.

It is risky to both mother and child and removal of placenta can lead to severe bleeding which can be fatal. Fortunately, the baby was delivered and the operation lasted for almost two hours.

Even the doctors were surprised when they removed the amniotic sac from the mother’s belly, the baby girl was not just breathing but was completely developed and healthy 9Ibs.

The baby was fittingly named Veronika – The victor, by the mother. Her survival chances were just 1 in 625 million. The mother who is thankful to the doctors that she will straightaway visit the doctors in future pregnancies.