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These 10 Countries Are Safe From Foreign Invasion

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World is modernized and most likely safe from foreign invasion. However, some countries are more likely to not be invaded by foreign countries.

Take a look at the list:

#10. Australia

Australia has about 60,000 personnel and 44,000 reserve units. There are 59 tanks, 75 artillery, 78 air fighters and 188 helicopters. They have a naval strength of 47 with 6 submarines and 2 aircraft carriers.

Australia’s strategic location makes it less vulnerable to invasion.

#9. Switzerland

Switzerland has 100,000 personnel, 77,000 reserves, 224 tanks, 224 artillery, 63 air fighters and 43 helicopters.

The government created a defensive plan called the Swiss National Redoubt in 1880s due to its mountainous regions. Fortresses and strongholds are present in different mountain passes, which help defend the country.

Citizens of the country receive military training and can possess a weapon after completion.

#8. Tuvalu, New Zealand, Iceland and Bhutan

These four countries have heavy defenses because they’re isolated and not considered valuable to an invader due to their economic strength.