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Video:Mom Can’t Believe That Toddler Eats Veggies With Dad And Not Her. So He Sends Her Hilarious Proof!

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Moms know how hard it is to get toddlers to eat their veggies! BUT funnily enough with dad, it never seems to be a problem and he finishes his meal every time!

So when mom can’t believe her husband he shares the trick and proof that he isn’t just saying things.


The dad’s convincing technique lies in his impressive singing voice and a slightly modified version of the classic soul song, “Lean on Me”. While he sings, “Green on beans, green on your soul. I’ll be your friend, I’ll feed you vegetables. For it won’t be long, before you’re gonna need some green beans to feed on,” his son happily consumes every last bit of his vegetables. My hat goes off to this dad’s power of persuasion!