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According To Studies, A Bad Boss Can Make Employees Sick

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Apparently, when employees resign from a job, they leave the managers and not the company. According to American Psychology Association, 75% of American employees consider their bosses and managers as their primary stressors at work.

However, only 59% of them refuse to leave their jobs.

But what is the reason when employees refuse to leave their jobs if they are not happy?

Employees get used to their stressful lives, which leads to a state where they lose motivated and search for an opportunity with a healthier culture.

Office life: business team during a meeting

Researchers from Harvard Business School concluded that having a bad boss is like being exposed to second-hand smoke, which can pose risk to their physical and mental health.

Employees usually stress at work due to a possibility of losing their job, therefore they try to work more in order to deliver better output.

If you are one of such employees, who receive bad treatment from a boss, learn how to deal with it. an article suggests that you try to create a list of things you need to accomplish and tick them off as you complete them. This will help you feel productive and will spark positive feelings.