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Heroic Dad Rescues Son At A Baseball Game And Then Becomes A Sensation Overnight

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Shaun Cunningham was the star of the day at the Braves-Pirates game over the weekend when he switched on to his super dad mode when a baseball bat came hurling towards his 8 years old son, Landon’s face.

He miraculously saved his from being hit. “The bat came flying at me, my dad did this to block me,” Landon said as he threw his arm in front of his face. “It was going so fast I didn’t even hear it.”

The duo were seated three rows behind the Braves dugout when the incident took place.

“I was watching the game and I saw the bat flying,” Shaun Cunningham said. “It just slipped out of Danny Ortiz’s hand. And I saw it heading towards him [Landon]. I didn’t have a lot of time. Guess I’d call it Dad-mode. Just protecting my son.”

He had just split seconds to rescue his son and it was more than enough for this super dad. The kid has definitely bagged the bragging rights for a few days at least.

“I have a great dad!” Landon exclaimed. “My dad’s a hero!”