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Identical Twin Sisters Plan To Marry The Same Man After Sharing The Bed With The Same Man

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Twins always share a special bond and always want the other to be happy and safe, but this story is a bit strange as the twin sisters are planning to marry the same man. We know twins always want to stay together but going to this extent for staying together sounds crazy.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are planning to get married to Ben Bryne whom they met on Facebook. The sisters from Australia are planning to do it Tucson, Arizona as there is no punishment for polygamy.


They also said that they sleep with Ben at the same time and according to them “we’re in the mood at the same time. He’s a lucky guy, he needs double the energy, he gets double the love and double the attention.”

The twins added: “We’re not hurting anyone and it makes us happy.”

“We’re always going to be together. Because we’re with each other 24/7 of our lives it’s so much easier to share a boyfriend,” they said.

They are also named as the ‘world’s most identical twins’ in a Japanese show when a facial recognition technology failed to tell the difference.

However, a report claims that the sisters have spent huge money on a cosmetic surgery to look as identical as possible. They’ve had breast implants, fake eyebrows, lip fillers and others.