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Indian Embassy Reports That 112 Indians Have Died In Qatar So Far This Year

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According the reports of Indian Embassy, 112 Indians have lost their lives in Qatar so far this year. It was revealed in the monthly community house to address urgent consular and labor issues of the Indian expatriates.

Some of the grievances addressed were delayed payment of salaries and violations of contract terms and conditions.

Ambassador P Kumaran, deputy chief of mission R K Singh and other officials received the complaints and met with the people who were in need of help and discussed their issues. The embassy assured to solve the issues of the complainants.

Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) president Devis Edakalathur and some other members of the management committee also participated in the community house.

A team also visited the central prison to get the updates about the Indian detainees. As of now the total number of Indians in the Central Prison and the Deportation Centre currently is 194 and 88, respectively.

Five monthly community houses have been held so far and a total of 25 complaints were received, out of which 13 have already been solved. 42 emergency certificates this month for people seeking repatriation to India.

A total of 17 air tickets were issued to Indians in distress to return to India and ICBF  has provided assistance to 23 Indian nationals in distress and provided them with foodstuffs.