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Mad Jack Churchill, Meet the Most Badass Man in World War II Who Fought with a Sword and a Bow

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This one brave soldier always went into battle with full gear, from bow, arrows and a basket-hilted claymore by his side.

John Malcom Thorpe Fleming Churchill, also known as Mad Jack, who was second in command of a British infantry company. Mad Jack was an amazing soldier, he fought in the battle of Dunkirk in 1940, where 300,000 troops were stranded on the beaches and needed to be evacuated.

Mad Jack was WW2’s greatest badass.

Jack Churchill aka Mad Jack, one of WWII’s greatest badasses
That’s Mad Jack to the right, heading off to battle with sword in hand.

Most of the tales about Mad Jack took place in 1943, where he was a commanding officer in Salerno. He went ahead of his soldiers wielding his sword in order to boost morale in his troops. German sentries were stabbed or scared by him and eventually surrendered. Mad Jack took 42 prisoners with the help of one other companion.

In 1944, his troops were sent to attack German soldiers from hilltop, but onl six managed to reach the target.

He was locked up and considered as an important prisoner because the German soldiers thought he was Winston Churchill’s relative. Even though he wasn’t, they were right about him being an important man. However, he tried to escape but was captured again and sent to a camp in Austria.

Mad Jack stares down the barrel of a captured Belgian 75mm field gun

Mad Jack managed to escape there and found some armored US vehicles, he was glad to be found.

Churchill was then assigned to Burma, but the bombs had already been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Churchill didn’t settle down into a quiet life, he trained as a parachutist and got himself to Palestine as the second-in-command of the 1st Battalion.

He officially retired from the army in 1959 and died in 1996 in Surrey.

Watch the video where Mad Jack played a song: