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Mother Who Lost Her 22 YO Son Has A Strong Message To All And It Is A Must Read

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Youngsters all over the world are becoming so obsessed with drugs that it is costing them their life and putting their family into trouble and depression. Opioid use is on high and it costing people their lives.

Sherri Kent, a Canadian mother recently lost his son Michael, while he was experimenting with opioids, he died due to overdose.

He had a whole life ahead of him and the loss of this mother just cannot be repaid. But, she has a message to others and she posted it on Facebook to warn people about the dangers of opioids.

Michael initially turned down the offer of the dealer but only till the curiosity got the better of him. He then met the dealer at a store, they both went into the bathroom and tried out the drug called Fentanyl, a powerful prescription painkiller.

Michael collapsed in the bathroom due to overdose and the dealer left him alone for 20 minutes before finding help. Unfortunately, it was too late and he remained in coma for several days. Sherri finally agreed to take him off life support when doctors told her that he had no chance of recovery. Obviously, it was the toughest decision she had to ever make.

As far as Sherri’s concerned, if this message saves even one life, Michael’s death will not go in vain.