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Queen Visits Young Survivors At Royal Manchester Children’s Hopsital

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The Queen described the attack as ‘very wicked’ when she visited young survivors at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital today.

The Queen, 91, spoke to Millie Robson, 15, Evie Mills, 14, and Amy Barlow, 12, who were among the 12 children rushed to the hospital after Monday night’s barbarism.

The Queen speaks to Millie Robson, 15, and her mother Marie, from Co Durham, during a visit to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Millie, who was wearing an Ariana Grande concert t-shirt, beamed as she spoke to the monarch, 91, from her hospital bed. The schoolgirl was among the 12 children taken to the hospital in the aftermath of the attack on Monday
The Queen also met Evie Mills, 14, her mother, Karen and father, Craig, from Harrogate, during the hospital visit today. Speaking to the family, the Queen said: ‘It’s dreadful. Very wicked. To target that sort of thing,’ referring to the pop concert

Speaking to Evie, a schoolgirl from Harrogate, Yorkshire, on the hospital ward, the Queen said: ‘It’s dreadful. Very wicked. To target that sort of thing.’

She also thanked hospital staff and paramedics who worked tirelessly to keep the children alive in the hours after the tragedy, and told them of her shock, saying: ‘The awful thing was that everyone was so young.’

Schoolgirl Amy Barlow, 12, from Rawtenstall, Lancashire, and her mother, Kathy, were also visited by the Queen today. The monarch told Amy, who was lying next to a teddy bear, that she ‘hoped it wouldn’t take too long for her to mend’

75 people were admitted to hospitals after the attack, out of which fourteen children still remain at the hospital. Among them, five children remain in critical care.

The Queen has always walked in to provide comfort for the victims of conflict, disasters and terror attacks. From servicemen injured in the Second World War to the victims of the 7/7 bombing, the Queen has often visited hospitals after the tragedy to show unity with her people in their hour of need.

Shaking hands with heroes: The Queen thanked some of the paramedics and staff at Royal Manchester’s Children’s Hospital who worked tirelessly to help the youngsters injured in Monday’s attack. Five remain in critical care at the hospital

The Queen reassured the young victims and shared their horror as they recollected their stories of escape.

Mother Ruth Murrell, who is recovering after being struck by shrapnel, told the monarch her daughter Emily was undergoing surgery for her injuries. The mother said seeing the children coping with their injuries was ‘inspiring’
Speaking from her hospital bed, Evie Mills, pictured, told the Queen she had been given the tickets to Ariana Grande as a birthday present. The monarch said the blast must have been a ‘terrible shock’ for the schoolgirl
Twelve-year-old Amy Barlow smiles as she speaks to the Queen with her mother Kathy and father Grant