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Selfless Girl Told Paramedics To Treat Others While Using A Bag Strap To Stop Her Bleeding

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This brave schoolgirl was seriously injured at the attack, but she asked the paramedics to help other people – despite being hit by shrapnel and bolts in the blast.

Millie Robson and her friend Laura Anderson, both 15, met US popstar Ariana Grande and went to her concert after winning a competition by producing a short video about spending a day in Durham, her hometown, with the 23-year-old singer.

Unfortunately, the bomber killed 22 people and injured 119 and the girls used their handbag straps to aid Millie’s bleeding legs.

The girls led the medics to others, who they thought were seriously injured before being taken to the major trauma unit at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Millie relived the night of horror as she met the Queen today, who also visited other patients.

Millie Robson (above in bed) told paramedics to tend to other people who were injured at the Manchester Arena concert
She is pictured with her parents Marie and David and the Queen at Manchester Children’s Hospital

Speaking to the Queen, she said: ‘I have a few holes in my legs and a bit of a cut near my eye.

‘I was in the foyer. I was walking out to meet my dad who was picking me and a friend up and then it went off behind us.

‘I just remember hearing the explosion and my ears started ringing through and there was people screaming.

‘It was quite scary but you’ve just got to get through it.

‘My dad went over and picked me up. We tried putting jumpers around the main wounds and then there were a lot of paramedics outside and even strangers were helping us.

‘I met Ariana Grande before the show because I’d won a competition. She was really nice.’

She met Millie as she toured round the hospital meeting nurses and doctors who are treating the victim from Monday’s attack

Describing her reaction to the Queen’s visit, Millie said: ‘She was lovely. It was mind-blowing really. You don’t really expect it.’

David Robson, 54, explained how he saw his daughter waving at him before the explosion went off, as he stood at the top of a set of stairs with partner Jean Forster.

Sitting at his daughter’s bedside, he said: ‘The next thing it was just this boom. It went. It was just white. It was surreal, it was just quiet.

‘And I saw Millie at the bottom of the stairs and I just ran down to pick her up – Jean ran down to pick Laura up.’

Millie’s mother, Marie Robson said: ‘[Millie] was in the thick of it. If they hadn’t started running towards Millie’s dad, it could have been far worse.

‘She has been incredibly brave. Even on the night when she was in a bad way, she and Laura were telling people to go and help more seriously injured people.

‘She is a tough little cookie. She is adamant that she will carry on going to concerts.’

‘She has been up a little bit on crutches, but we will have to keep her pain under control in the coming days.

‘She is doing really well under the circumstances and we positive that Millie will make a full recovery, but we don’t know yet what the psychological impact is going to be.’

‘It was horrendous, the worst two hours of my life. They weren’t telling me what the injuries were. I thought she had lost her legs.’

Millie’s friend Laura was also injured in the blast, she seems to have recovered but remains in shock.

Laura’s mother said: ‘It must have been so hard – what she’s been through. I can’t imagine it. I wasn’t there and to think of the things she must have seen.’