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This Couple Makes 6-Figure Salaries Just By Posting Pictures On Instagram

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This couple takes adventures together and cashes on them with the help of Instagram.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are in love and they are travelling the world together, earning 6 figure salaries by promoting different brands on Instagram.

Morris and Bullens Instagram have over three million followers. Their travel photos are absolutely breathtaking. They relax on beach, enjoy moments in tropical areas and share meals while getting breathtaking view of the ocean.

Morris and Bullen started dating in 2016 and travelled together ever since. They travelled to countries like England, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain and Morocco.

One Instagram post would earn them $9,000 and for Morris, anything less than $3,000 offer would not be promoted.

Morris started going on adventures since he was 21. The young man bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok and one thing after the other lead him here.

Whereas, Bullen already has a following when she takes beautiful pictures of her hometown Austalia.

Take a look at the couple’s stunning pictures: