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This Divorcee Was Filmed Making Love With Two Schoolboys

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Beverley Tillyer, 40, let three boys aged 14, to have se*ual intercourse with her during some parties held at her home. The boys were even allowed to drink and take drugs.

Leeds Crown Court confirmed that Tillyer visited the home of one of the teenagers, where she had sex with him. Dave Mackay, prosecuting, said the offending took place over several months in 2008, when she was in her early 30s and ran a ‘chaotic household’.

Beverley Tillyer (pictured), who was filmed having a threesome with two schoolboys, has been jailed for two and half years

Tillyer had sex with the first victim on six occasions, twice with the second victim and on one occasion with the third victim. The crime took place at her then home near Pontefract, West Yorkshire on all occasions except one.

The youngsters didn’t complaint at that time, but the abuse came to light in 2015 when a woman made an allegation to police.

One of the victims said that the abuse led to a family breakdown, and another victim claimed that it had affected his confidence and he is now afraid to see Tillyer.

Tillyer denied these allegations on being arrested and claimed that she had been raped by the boys. However, she pleaded guilty to three offences of sexual activity with a child.

Kate Bissett said that Tillyer suffered from anxiety and a personality disorder.

Tillyer (shown left and right) had sex with the first victim on six occasions, twice with the second victim and on one occasion with the third victim

She said: ‘She was seeking intimacy rather than seeking to exploit them for sexual gratification.’

Jailing Tillyer, judge James Spencer, QC, said: ‘You took advantage of those boys when you should have shown a more responsible attitude.

‘Of course they were willing participants but you were the adult.

‘The adult has to take care of children even when they are 14 and think they know it all.

Beverley Tillyer (pictured) allowed three different boys, all aged 14, to have sex with her at parties held at her home, where they were allowed to drink and take drugs

‘Because of the degree of seriousness here, it does seem to me that there has to be a prison sentence.’

After the case Detective Inspector Vanessa Rolfe of the Wakefield District Child Safeguarding Unit, said: ‘Tillyer took advantage of these impressionable children and committed sexual offences against all of them in full knowledge that her behaviour was both illegal and completely morally wrong.

‘We are pleased she has been sentenced today and wish to commend the courage of her victims in disclosing what took place and supporting the prosecution.

The offending took place at Tillyer’s then-home near Pontefract, West Yorkshire on all but one occasion

‘Tillyer will now have to serve a period of time in prison as punishment for her crimes and will also have to sign on the sexual offenders register for ten years.

‘All victims of sexual offences in Wakefield can be assured that specially trained officers will always listen and that all reports will be investigated.’