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This Nigerian Man Claims, the woman he took to the hotel for a night of fun turned into a snake!

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In some cultures in the world there have been beliefs of a snake that can change into human form, like for example in India such a creature is called a nagin.

But by the looks of it seem as though this mythological creature has moved to Nigeria after a man has claimed that the women he had sex with tuned into a snake.

We wonder if he was being metaphorical but already numerous news sites and blog have already published the story of this unnamed man from Nigeria.

According to the articles written by Trending News PortalSocial Pees and Pulse Nigeria, this old man in his forties met a pretty woman whose age is probably in the mid-thirties.

The man brought the pretty woman to a hotel in Eket, Akwa Ibom so they could have some good time.

After entering the hotel room, they had a couple of drinks. According to Pulse Nigeria, the alcohol caused the woman’s head to ache. Despite her migraine they still decided to get intimate.

While they were in the middle of lovemaking, the man as shocked to see the woman suddenly wriggling her body like a snake. To his surprise, she completely turned into a huge snake.

Due to fear, the man immediately rushed out of the room and called the hotel manager and security staff. When they returned to the room, the woman was gone.

After the incident, the man reported what happened to the Ukwa Police Division.

More news on this is still to be out.