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This Woman Went From Being Very Dark To Pale White! See Her Amazing Transformation Here!

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If your active on social media you are obviously aware of the “#PubertyChallenge” where people post before and after photos of the biological phenomenon and how much their looks have changed.

One woman decided to take on the challenge and publicly post her before and after pictures and it immediately went viral.

Cai Cortez‘s transformation took social media by storm due to what she looked like before versus what she looks like now. If you look at her posts, we’re pretty sure you won’t believe that the photos belong to the same person.

When she was still a kid, Cortez was thin and had very dark skin.

Cortez dreamed of having a fairer complexion as she had a dark coplection which is why she started to use the popular Kojic soap. Slowly, her skin color started to change.


Happy with the results, Cortez kept on using the soap. Obviously, you can see it all in her photos.

Since the change in her complexion was pretty drastic, some people speculated that she used injectables or even underwent surgery. However, Cortez rubbished these allegations and simply explained that she used Kojic soap religiously until she achieved the skin color that she wanted.

Here are her most recent photos:

Looking at the images, you can see why other people doubted her when she said she only used soap to whiten her skin since Kojic soap isn’t this effective on everyone.