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‘Albawarih’ Affect Visibility And To Be Extended Till Thursday

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Northwesterly windy condition, AlBawarih, is expected to continue into the week especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Visibility may drop below 2 km at times over most areas due to dust as wind speeds are expected to range between 18 to 30 knots gusting to 35-45 knots at times during daytime. As a result, waves are expected to rise to 8 -12 feet.

Meanwhile, hot daytime weather conditions will persist with maximum temperatures exceeding mid-forties over some areas especially central and eastern areas.

AlBawarih in Arabic means the strong wind that raises dust and is marked with wind speed that weakens and temperatures that become mild at night before it regains strength again by sunrise on the next day.

The onset of AlBawarih winds coincides with the onset of the Monsoon winds and the rainy season in the Indian subcontinent.

Qatar Meteorology Department has advised residents to be cautious and to avoid going to sea during this period as well as to avoid direct sunlight and to follow the latest instructions that they are providing on their social media.