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Australia’s Youngest Mother, 15, Is Pregnant With Another Child

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This young mother had her first baby at the age of 14 and is now expecting her second child.

Mollie Syrigos, from Melbourne, got pregnant in 2016 when she was just 13 and gave birth to her now 13 -month-old son, Theodore.

Mollie Syrigos was 13 when she fell pregnant in 2016 and gave birth to her now 13-month-old son, Theodore

Oscar Wilks was only 15 when he became a father, and the pair are now looking forward to becoming parents for the second time.

The young mother hadn’t even started high school when she got pregnant, but Mollie seems to love her baby son. However, being a teen parent can be quite challenging.

‘For a couple of months I didn’t have much support. Everyone was trying to persuade me to get an abortion which wasn’t too fun, it was very difficult actually,’ she told 9news.

Mollie’s second pregnancy was unplanned but both the parents are well prepared for the arrival of their next child.

Mollie Syrigos and Oscar Wilks are now looking forward to becoming parents for the second time

‘When you love something so much challenges sort of make you stronger and I’m ready for the challenges and very excited for the new baby to come.’

The teenage parents sadly received a lot of criticism from friends, family and even strangers. But Mollie proudly shares pictures of her ultra-sound and positive pregnancy test for baby number two on social media.

Despite their age, the couple seem to be well-equipped and are confident in their ability to raise the children.