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Canadian Political Analyst Slams Ramos: ‘You are also involved in human right abuses, you are not in any position to advise’

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Lately former President Ramos made a statement during a televised press conference. Ramos warned of human rights abuses that could happen under the martial law in Mindanao.

Mr Ramos opposed the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, following attacks of the Maute terror group in Marawi City. Assadollahi, a political analyst in Canada, has slammed Ramos’ statement during a televised press conference calling him a hypocrite!


“You are not in any position to advise.” Said Mr. Amir Assadollahi wrote in a scathing open letter to the former President Fidel Ramos.

He added, “wala pang martial law katakot-takot na ang human rights violations,” alluding to extra-judicial killings due to the ongoing war on drugs.

In his letter, Assadollahi said that the former chief of the Philippine Constabulary under the Marcos regime does not have the right to talk about human rights violations. He pointed out that Ramos should also be investigated for committing human rights violations, especially with numerous proven reports of abuses during the Marcos martial law.


“Get your facts straight and make sure you are with the people and not with your own self-diluted and self-deluded notion of righteousness and protector of human rights. You of all people are the last person who can talk on such topic as “Human Rights” as you have been a direct link to the abuses during the Martial Law as you have been one of the key executives then even though you acted as if you did not know anything. You must also be one of the key players in the assassination that took place that gave birth to corruption that followed by Marcos’ exile.”


The political analyst said that the terrorists in Mindanao did not respect the law of human rights and continued to brutally kill people.


“You talk about violation of human rights, and that is all nice and cozy words to say while those TERRORISTS hold hostage the people, chop off their heads, murder them, threaten and terrorize the public and burn property and bomb in public to kill the innocent to force their demands met.”


He also warned that going soft with terrorists will send out the wrong signal to others, turning the Philippines into a new breeding ground for terrorists.


“If you remain soft on them, they will spread their diseased mentality all over the Philippines and all over Southeast Asia, and the Philippines and the Southeast Asia will become the new breeding ground for all kinds of terror groups and international criminal syndicates.”


Assadollahi criticized Ramos’ political stance and agenda, as the latter was known to switch sides when the going gets tough.


Assadollahi also said, “You act as if you are part of the government, but you have a track record of it that when the real push comes to shove, you change sides, quit or disappear, and later appear on the other side.”