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Doctors Advise Blood Pressure Patients To Take Extra Care During The Holy Month

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Dr Abdulla Al Ne’ama, family medicine consultant at PHCC, highlighted the need of taking medicines for treating hypertension regularly and at the right times. He said that it is a chronic disease which needs lifelong medication.

He also said that since there are number of medications to control blood pressure, the doctor will advise the most appropriate medication for each individual depending on the other problems the patient might have such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, kidney diseases, and so on.

He said that patients must consult physician before reducing the dose of medicines. If the dose is twice daily, the first dose should be taken immediately after Iftar and the second dose after Suhoor.

He also informed that some medicines are better when absorbed with food, like (Verapamil SR) and others less (Captopril), however, it is still better to consult a doctor before taking medicines during the holy month, due to change in habits.

To ensure safet regular blood pressure check-ups are advised.