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Girl Reveals Shocking Details About Her S3x Life And Leaves Boyfriend Turning Red!


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Louis and Aida were appearing on Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan’s new show, Your Face Or Mine, when Aida dropped the devastating bombshell on her unsuspecting boy.

The show puts couples to the test over just how well they know each other.


But when questioned about their love life, Aida said: 

It depends. I’m not a very sexual person. So like, when it happens, it happens, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Too embarrassed by her confession he says: 

Sometimes I’m, really tired. I just come home from work and go to sleep.

But wait! She had more to day!

She then added:

I think a lot of girls feel like they have to please their boyfriends whereas I literally couldn’t care less.

But luis tried to tell her that there were plenty of better looking fish in the sea like her friend Amelia. But that did nothing.

She said: 

I’m not jealous Amelia. Also, she’s out of his league.

Burn. But unbelievably things were about to get worse for old Louis.

Later, the show then brought out Aida’s high school crush – non other than So Solid Crew’s very own Harvey, who Aida said would definitely ‘get it’.

The show was originally aired back in 2003, but has been rejuvenated by Comedy Central.