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Just Weeks After Having Her Baby, Woman Is Paralyzed Below Neck But Within 87 Days She Reversed It!

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Holly Gerlach, from Canada, was 26 when she gave birth to Baby Casey. It was everything she had dreamt of but the celebration of Baby Casey’s entrance into life was cut short suddenly. Holly was soon diagnosed with GBS – also known as Guillain–Barré syndrome.


GBS is a peripheral nervous system disease that ultimately leads to rapid-onset muscle weakness and paralysis. Only weeks after giving birth, Holly started feeling unexplained pains in her neck along with severe weakness in her legs. She was soon completely paralyzed and had to be rushed to the emergency.

Anyone could have easily gone down a spiral of depression but her love and devotion for Baby Casey has helped her overcome her harrowing problem.


But still Holly insisted on spending time with Baby Casey at least once per day.


Even as Holly’s heart broke because she couldn’t fully be there for her daughter, she did everything she could, including using a board to communicate, miming her words to caregivers and family, and using a lift to get out of bed – all to be the best mom she could be given the circumstances.

And due to her perseverance she saw the , after weeks of relying on the help of others and using a specialvalve just to breathe, Holly was suddenly able to breathe on her own; soon after, she was better able to control the actions of her hands. It was at this time that the paralysis began to fade. After 87 painful, harrowing days of physical therapy, Holly got up on her own for the first time since the diagnosis.