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Men Who Indulge In ‘Stealthing’ Will Now Be Punished As The Trend Is All Set To Be Made Illegal

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A horrifying new trend which lets accept is not actually new will soon be made illegal. A s*x trend called ‘stealthing’ – it occurs when a man takes off his condom or other protective gear while having s*x without her knowledge or consent.

It was forced to made illegal after many women have become victims of this and the act garnered mainstream attention after a Yale Law School graduate Alexandra Brodsky reported online groups which encourage the practice in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

It documented how it can result in unwanted pregnancy, transmit life threatening diseases and also extreme mental stress.

The State Democratic Representative from Wisconsin, Melissa Sargent, has proposed a bill to end stealth sexual assault by modifying the state’s interpretation of consent to make tampering with protective devices illegal.

Sargent wrote:

It’s time to get serious about consent and sexual assault. Consent isn’t carte blanche – it’s a constant, gradual process – and it’s time our sexual assault laws started to reflect that.

Sexual predators will continue to find new, egregious ways to violate and victimise others, and it’s important that as legislators we take concerted steps to be responsive as we become aware of it.

This behaviour is predatory and disturbing, and people should know that not only do we find it reprehensible, but that we won’t tolerate it. Ignoring it is simply not an option.

The proposed law has found the backing of 11 co-sponsors in the assembly and will be formally introduced by the Senate this week.

The Californian Representative, Cristina Garcia, also introduced legislationat a Planned Parenthood Action Rally in Sacramento which hopes to expand the definition of rape to include tampering with protective devices without the knowledge of a partner.

Garcia wrote:

Online communities have arisen where it is defended as a male “right” to “spread his seed” also details advice and support of how to have nonconsensual sex without a condom.

Stealthing is rape. Penetration without consent is rape. Stealthing is another sign that some men think they can still own our bodies.

I hope all the men out there blogging are paying attention because in California we’re going to lead the nation in ending the ‘trend’ now.

Many victims have come forward to share their experiences and thoughts, since the act has been proposed. There was also a flipside as a few woman and gay men who had been victimised admitted they didn’t know whether they had been sexually assaulted or not, and some commentators claimed it was not rape, but ‘a man’s right to spread his seed’.

Though, it is a welcome move, Sex education, promotion of sexual discussion and body equality, as well as respect as standard between partners and reproductive rights for all, will pave the way for healthier and happier relationships.