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The 13-year-old prepared himself for his mother’s death. Four years later she saw the bra and couldn’t hold back her tears

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They say that ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and in this case it hold true. Julian Rios Cantu was just 13 when he got to know about his mother’s breast cancer. The young boy from Mexico was shattered when doctors had little hope.

But, the intelligent boy decided to leave no stone unturned to save his mother and started to accumulate information regarding it. It was found out that his mother would have responded to chemotherapy if the diagnosis were done earlier. Since the cancer was in advanced state she had both her breasts amputated, which at least saved her life.

However, the young boy was determined to make sure that the same thing never happened to others and started a company at the age of 17 called Higia Technologies with a goal of developing a way for women to diagnose breast cancer as early as possible.

Several technological breakthroughs were made in the process and a bra was invented, which had over 200 sensors built into it. These sensors monitor and analyse a huge amount of data which can be helpful to keep track of patient’s or a normal woman’s condition.

The bra identifies tumors in the breast cause increased blood circulation through the tissue, which in turn leads to noticeable temperature increases. It also keeps track of the temperature, transfers the data to an app, and alerts the woman wearing the bra if there are any significant changes. Wearing the bra for 60 to 90 minutes a week provides enough data to keep an accurate record of the woman’s breast health.

He has been deservingly honoured by the President of Mexico for his achievements. The bra which is still in its prototype phase will soon be available for public.

We wish him and his invention a great success and hopefully it serves its purpose of saving people’s life.