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Shocking!  Video Shows Two Angels Taking Up Dead Kid’s Soul To Heaven!

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In times when we are made to doubt the existence of God. Here is a video that clearly shows that there is good in the world.



Here is a video captured of building, it looks like a small fire is growing on top of the building, it’s later revealed that the lights are not caused by any ‘natural’ source based on how they separate and then slowly float upwards. Additionally, there have been no reports of fires, gas leaks, or anything else that may have caused the ‘floating fires’ to appear. The only significant report at the time the video was taken was that a child had died in the same building.

Also its apparent that the source of the light is clearly not bound by conventional physical laws, which have led sources to look elsewhere for an explanation: this could very well be the work of God and his angels in heaven.

Coincidentally, the city of Semipalatinsk, now known as Semey in Kazakhstan (since 2007), used to be a Soviet Union testing site for nuclear weapons back during the Cold War.

Or could it be that the lights are caused by some yet-to-be-revealed aftermath of nuclear testing in the area? Or is God simply sending us a sign of hope by allowing us to witness the actions of his angels as they take a child’s soul back into heaven?