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Snaps From Flyers Show How These 15 Plane Meals Differ From Business Class And Economy

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I’m sure you all know that a business class ticket will cost you double the economy fare. So it’s a given that food will be twice as good, too.

Passengers from 14 different airlines take some pictures that prove it.

Take a look:

#1. British Airways

Microwaved bangers and mash in economy (left) and dainty finger sandwiches in business class (right).

#2. American Airlines

In economy (left) you will get pre-packaged butter, plastic cups and a shrink-wrapped microwave dinner. In business class (right), expect whipped butter in a delicate china dish, salt and pepper in mini shakers and a seared tuna main.

#3. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ economy has vegetables and orange juice (left) and seared tuna scattered with finely-sliced cheese and Champagne in business class (right).

#4. Virgin Atlantic

Economy passenger’s (left) dinner is a pasta bake served on mock-wooden tray. In business class (right), it was elegantly laid-out meat served on china with a crisp white napkin.

#5. QantasIn

The economy (left) breakfast is fruit, milk and muesli and for business class (right), this passengers’ appetizer was sweet potato soup with a dollop of lemon and parsley creme fraiche.