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Tale Of A Man Who Spent 36 Years To Create A Path Down Three Mountains And Then Became A Legend


This story of a Chinese man named Chief Huang Dafa is definitely the best thing you will be reading today. He was the chief of the village of Caowangba located deep into the mountains of Guizhou.

The village struggled for water and even thought of moving the village to some other place which had access to water source, but that was not welcomed by all the villagers and hence it was dropped.

In 1959, they decided to carve out three mountains that was coming in the way of water supply. The project continued for 10 years and it was found that the water supply would not flow to their village as they believed.

For most of us reading the story itself, is so tiring and depressing and to say that most of them gave up on the project would be an understatement. However, the journey was just beginning for the Chief and he went to Fengxiang to study how to be an engineer.

Even this was not an easy task, but he managed to come back to the village, this time being more prepared. The Chief gathered all the villagers and began to work on it again, with a proper plan. long work, they completed a 7,200-meter-long water canal in 1995!

That’s not all though! This canal had a 2,200-meter-long branch channel and it was so efficient that it didn’t just give water to their village, it provides for 4 villages! Because of all this, Chief Dafa’s village is now producing 400,000 kilograms of rice a year. What was their number before the canal? 25,000, that’s an enormous difference.

The canal was fittingly named after Dafa and will continue to be so as a mark of his legacy. Isn’t it inspiring and motivating?