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Teen Driver Faces A $10,000 Bill After He Tried To Take A Closed Lane With WET CEMENT

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Shadrach Yasiah drove around in Lincoln, the state’s capital, on Wednesday. He drove through a 24-foot gap between traffic control cones and ended up getting his blue Honda Civic stuck in the fresh cement.

Nebraska teen, Shadrach Yasiah, 19, could face a $10,000 bill after he plowed his blue Honda Civic (pictured) into newly poured concrete on Wednesday

Police said the accident occurred on a portion of a road repair project. Police spokeswoman, Angela Sands, said Friday that police won’t cite the 19-year-old driver.

City engineer, Thomas Shafer, says Yasiah (left) is responsible for the repairs. He says the contractor estimated it will cost more than $10,000 to pay for removing the car (right), scraping out the ruined slurry, repouring more cement and finishing it

According to a police report, it wasn’t obvious that the concrete wasn’t dry.  But city engineer, Thomas Shafer, says the driver is responsible for the repairs.

The contractor claims it will cost more than $10,000 dollars to remove the car, scrape out the ruined slurry and pouring cement again then finally finishing it.

Authorities said it took more than two hours to get the car out, and it slowed down traffic

Shafer said the cement was ‘probably less than 30 minutes old’ when Yasiah drove into it.

‘It was really not set up in any manner or fashion for a vehicle and they sunk up to the axles in it,’ he told Fox 42.

Authorities said it took at least two hours to get the car out, and it slowed down traffic. Yasiah could not be reached for comment.