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This Man Got The Shock Of His Life When The Old Watch From His Military Days Was Got To An Antique Roadshow.  They Then Revealed Something To Him That Was Too Shocking!


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An old man was in Germany for the Armed Forces back in the early 60’s and purchased a Rolex before returning to the USA. He had been keeping the antique watch with him for over 50 years now. The model of the watch was a Rolex 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex. His sergeant told him that Rolex manufactures the best watches so he spent his month’s salary for one and paid $120.35 for it.


50 years later, when an Antiques Roadshow came to his town he decided to take the watch out from its safe box. The antique expert was surprised that he was able to keep all the watch’s accessories, even its receipts, manual, certificate, and box! He changed the bracelets of the watch somewhere in the middle, but he was able to keep its original ones!

So when it was time for the appraisal, he was shocked to learn that he’s going to be offered $65-75,000 for it! He didn’t expect this at all since he thought that the watch was old and wouldn’t have any value at all.


His reaction was priceless!

The Video now has more than 2.2 million views on YouTube!

Check it out!