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Zimbabwean Pastor Claims That He Communicates With GOD, As He Has Almighty’s Direct Phone Number

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Paul Sanyangore, a pastor in Zimbabwe has claimed that he can strike a conversation with the god via phone. He said that god himself gave him his number and god often calls him to tell him how to help people.

A video of him which allegedly shows him talking to god on the phone during his church service was viral. He also told that he was surprised to see people shocked by the claims.

Paul Sanyangore, a pastor from Zimbabwe, claims he calls God and talks to Him on the phone.
This Zimbabwean preacher said God himself gave His phone number to him.

He said:

“I have a direct channel, actually I have his number and I can call him when need rises. It is possible to talk to God, why would you doubt that I got a call from him? I actually have a direct line which I can call him and get instructions on how to proceed. I got this when I was praying and I heard a voice telling me to call direct.”

The pastor planned to give out God’s contact number but thought it wasn’t the right time yet.

He will also be launching a TV show called “Heaven Online,” where people will get to see the conversation between him and the god. He said that he initially wanted to share the number, but he thought it wasn’t the right time and avoided it.

Sanyangore went on to say that God would call him to give him instructions on what to do during church service.

People were invited for the second time by him to reveal the number, but even on this occasion he did not share it. However, one of the church members named Tich Mataz received a phone call from god. He then shared prophecies, and the pastor showed everyone the miracle he was talking about.

Here’s a video of Pastor Talent talking to God on the phone, as he claimed.