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150kg Of Fish Has Been Destroyed In Al Khor & Al Dakhira


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One hundred fifty kilogrammes of fish has become unfit for human consumption as it has been destroyed by health control section at Al Khor & Al Dakhira municipalities.

Inspectors continued their raids on complexes to check temperature of refrigerators and the ways they have been storing the food. Inspectors also have posted a hotline number so that the consumers can call for any inquiry or complaint.

This campaign mainly aims at increasing health safety level due to the high demand in Ramadan and to be sure they are obeying the health regulations and technical specifications. They also gave tips to supermarkets that food should be kept away from any source of pollution and ensure that it was well-covered during its display.

The campaign came in the basis of “Your Health is our Goal” campaign which conducted by the municipality and focused on food outlets specially supermarkets.