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GAC In Qatar Seize 23kg Of Illicit Drug Marijuana


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The General Authority of Customs (GAC) successfully blocked 23kg of the illicit drug marijuana in addition to 4704 illicit narcotic pills through different operations at various entry point of Qatar. Two cases were identified HIA (Hamad International Airport) customs department who spotted the contents in some bags of few travellers.

A female customs officer conducted another operation in which a big piece of marijuana was found, in addition to 4,000 illicit narcotics pills mixed with other legally permitted medications.

Fourth operation was conducted at Abu Samra Land Border, a traveller attempting to enter the country in his vehicle was blocked and checked. 704 pills of the illicit drug Lyrica was hidden in the spare tyre of the vehicle.

The director of land customs department Murshid al-Kuwari, appreciated the officials for the success of the operation.

Similarly, the director of HIA Customs Ajab Mansur al-Qahtani stressed the high efficiency of GAC employees and officers and their alertness to detect such attempts and protect the country against the potential harmful consequences.

The drugs was wrapped in a carbon paper as smugglers believed that it would not be detected by X-ray machines. He also informed that GAC has all the required equipment to tackle the issue.

The four employees who were behind the success of these operations were honoured by GAC president Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Jammal for their efforts.