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This Incredible Love Story! Woman Marries Her Bedridden BF! Their Love Story Will Surely Make You Cry!


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You ask anyone who is in love they will easily tell that no matter what they will never let their partner go, but even a small disturbance will drift them apart and it would be no surprise. That is how most of the love stories today shape up.

But here is a love story that will restore your faith in real love. Angela Mallari who was in a relationship with Christian decided to get married and even got married. Now, that’s not a big deal, but when you see the wedding video you will slowly realise that there is something strange.

Christian suffers from paralyzing condition that might make spend most of his life bedridden, despite of knowing the condition the love birds got married and she has no qualms about it. Now, that is what you call a true love.

What do you think about this love story?