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Mother Gets Paralyzed After Giving Birth, But Her Love And Desire Towards The Baby Does Wonders To Her


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Holly Gerlach from Edmonton, Canada was blessed with a baby girl when she was 26, but she could not become the mother she always wanted to be as she became paralyzed after giving birth.

It began with a pain in her neck and a weakness in her legs and soon she was put in ICU and was completely unable to move. She was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease that affects the nerves.

She was suffering from severe pain, but her love towards her daughter kept her going. At one stage, a nurse bent down close to her patient and Holly whispered in her ear, “I’m in so much pain.”

A lift was used to take her out of bed, she could hardly speak a word. She either used a board or mimed the words to communicate. The only pleasing part of her day was when she saw her daughter.

For weeks, she practiced breathing on a special valve and then things started to change. She was taken out of the ventilator and even the paralysis started to fade away. She was out of the ICU after 70 days.

She started her physiotherapy after 78 days and now she was able to talk. On day 87, she got up for the first time in three months. She practiced her fine motor skills and continued to exercise the muscles in her arms until she was strong enough.


She gradually began to walk with some help on day 94, she continued to improve and on day 126 she was back home.

However, she had to start from scratch and learn all the basic things like brushing her hair and teeth, writing, eating with utensils and walking. But if that wasn’t enough, just look at what she managed to do just one year later.

She is back to her best now and she is making the most of being a mother.