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Unbelievable Pictures Of Southern Lights In Tasmania


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Sunday night, the Aurora Australis lit up the sky in Tasmania and New Zealand. The sky was covered with a vibrant purple spikes of light, which cut through and a vivid green settled across the skyline.

Pictures taken in Ulverstone, about 300 kilometres north of Hobart, show the brightly coloured Aurora stretched over a suburb.

Apparently, Tasmania is one of the best places in the world to see the natural phenomenon, which is caused due to the sun releasing a burst of solar wind and magnetic fields into space.

However, to the naked eye, the colours are difficult to pick up.

James Garlick, an avid Southern Lights photographer, told Australian Traveller there was a huge difference between what a person could see and what a camera could pick up.

‘To the naked eye, an aurora will look more like a white flickering light – it could be mistaken for a cloud,’ he said.

‘It’s not until you do a long exposure with the camera that the colours are revealed.’

A video captured in Coronet Peak, Queenstown shows a similar scene, where a time lapse clip shows the colours develop into deep vibrancy.

Watch the video below: